Elim Church


Elim Church is a vibrant urban congregation in passionate pursuit of Jesus for our community and world.

Values Statement

The following statement was written by the people of Elim more than 20 years ago and has guided the thought and practice of our church ever since.

  • Reconciled – We are called to be a radically reconciled community of faith in which we intentionally tear down the racial, cultural, economic, and social walls that divide us.
  • Spirit-prompted – We are called to be vibrant risk-takers who follow God’s leading against all odds.  We want to move out of our comfort zone for the sake of those we serve in Jesus’ name.
  • Egalitarian – We believe that gifting within the church is based on the call of God’s spirit and not limited by age, gender or race.
  • Intergenerational – We desire to actively embrace, encourage and support spiritual sojourners of all ages.
  • Culturally-engaged – We desire to engage our world in ways that are both faithful to the unchanging truth of Jesus and responsive to the social and cultural realities of life.
  • Grace-filled – As grateful recipients of God’s extravagant grace, we seek to share the same measure of grace with one another and to invite others to experience the redemptive and healing embrace of Christ.
  • Outwardly-focused – We believe we are called to sacrificially serve and love those around us and to have a transformational impact in our community.
  • Wholistic – We believe in a whole-life faith that integrates mind, body, soul and spirit.  The good news of the gospel moves us into action in practical, tangible ways.
  • Christ-centered – We believe that Jesus represents the magnificent, astounding and awesome best for us and the world.  As such, we seek to live in the way of Jesus and joyfully respond to his invitation to a lifelong journey of faith.
  • Biblically-grounded – We hold the truth of Scriptures as our core guideline for faith and life.
  • Ecumenical – Elim is also a part of the Converge Worldwide fellowship of churches, and agrees with its Affirmation of Faith. The rights and responsibilities of Elim members are detailed in our constitution.