Re: Back to Phase 1 with some modifications | COVID-19 Response [December 2020]

Hello Elim Church,

Advent is a season of waiting, hope, and expectation. Those three ideas apply to our situation now more than ever. We wait and endure through this season of difficulty and trial listening for God’s still small voice to give us assurance and peace.   We hope for a new day and look forward to some sense of normalcy again, when things will be restored, for an effective vaccine and for cases to diminish. We expect that God will show up in the times and places we least expect. The Christ child is all those things for us wrapped up in a lowly manger.
The governor’s recent report and mandate meant that for many bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, businesses things were going to have to shut down for a period of 30 days. Thankfully, churches in our city have not been a large cause of the spread of COVID-19 and we have seen God’s hand of protection upon us as we wisely and carefully move forward. The governor mentioned the need for churches to stay open to continue to provide needed spiritual services.
That’s great news, but the bad news is that infection rates are still extremely high. In light of that news, we decided as a leadership team we will “dial back” to Phase 1 of our Start Plan (with some changes) until that rate of new cases goes back down. What is Phase 1(b)?
  • 10am Sunday in person service continues (with mask and 6 feet of space between households) Online is available for those who feel they cannot come. 
  • No PRE-registration is needed for in-person worship
  • All other church meetings will happen online (including recent LT meeting)
  • Youth Group will not meet in person for December (online only)
  • the NOOC drop in center, Rebound, and Elim Preschool continues. 
We are constantly evaluating these policies and our procedures that accompany them as we wish to continue worship in Spirit and Truth while complying with our governors requests.
With great love and care,
Elim Leadership Team
Jill Jezierski, Brian Turnquist, Suzanne Dahl, Heather Carlson, Beth Dischinger, Pastor Paul Olson, Troy Lubbers, Harley Shreck