Tis the Day After Christmas – A Poem by Paul Stephen Olson
(Written Dec 23, 2021)

Tis the day after Christmas when all through the house,
Every creature is wondering: where’s uncle Fred and his new spouse?

He stayed over night and I thought we had bonded
His new wife met family and this morning absconded

It’s the day after Christmas…

Ravaged stockings lay strewn on the floor,
We spent all the money and now we are poor

Wrapping paper and tinsel from yesterday’s fanfare
Remind us that credit bills soon will be there.

Its the day after Christmas…

The children are nestled all snug in their beds,
Loading apps on new iphones, Netflix in their heads

Tic-Tocs a plenty and youtubes of kittens
Selfies and belfies, Duck-faces and flexin’

Instagram Jenners and Gigi emojis,
(these are a few of my favorite memes)

Its the day after Christmas…

Mamma in her pj’s and I in my cap,
We both sit down for a short winters nap.

But then out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
To hear a crowd chanting: “black lives still matter”.

Away to the window I take photos with flash,
press down the shutter ‘til all had gone past.

The crowd whistled and shouted and called them by name,
The unarmed people who by injustice lay slain…

Oh, George, Philando, oh Breonna and Daunte,
Atatiana and Botham, Freddie and Andre

Tis the day after Christmas…

My chimney is empty, and St. Nick is at home
Ms. Clause says he’s got the fever and is starting to moan.

His cheeks are like roses, and his breathing is heavy,
Yep, Covid-19 cough is shaking his belly

Ms Clause says “he’ll be fine dear there’s nothing to dread”,
But without therapeutics ole’ St. Nick would be ….[very very sick]

Tis the day after Christmas…

I speak not an ill word today, but go straight to my work
Of fixing this world and not being a jerk.

With a bundle of joys and full of good cheer
Ill find uncle Fred and tell him, “May God bless your new year”

With Christ I know as my true I.D.
I’ll be the influencer, and boast of God’s Glory

With empathy and kindness I’ll work to see justice
Because there are so many who need help amongst us

Now that I rest under the wing of Almighty
I’ll visit and pray for the sick all around me

As a leaf that before the wild hurricane fly,
When I meet with an obstacle, I’ll mount to the sky;

I will still choose to say with all of my might
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Tis the day after Christmas…