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Covid-19 Update – May 23

Dear Elim Church family,

You may have heard the troubling news yesterday regarding Minneapolis and COVID-19. While many areas in the country are declining in test positivity, Dr. Deborah Birx, (White House Coronavirus Task Force) identified some metro areas with high test positivity rates and Minneapolis was one of those. Yesterday the MN Department of Health director Jan Malcolm echoed this concern and announced that Minneapolis now has one of the highest COVID-19 case positivity rates in country, behind Chicago, Baltimore, and D.C. Yesterday we hit some new highs in terms of numbers in Minnesota…

– cases up 813, a record high, 60% increase in one day
– the 33 deaths on Thursday, a new daily high in MN
– of the 534 COVID-19 hospitalizations reported Friday, 233 patients were needing intensive care, a new daily high

These numbers are daunting, but this is not a time to fear. I am not reporting any of this to raise fears. It is a time to be smart and steady. It is a time to pray and a time to mourn the loss of life we are experiencing. Because of higher test positivity we in Minneapolis are still at risk of overwhelming our health care system. I believe we will overcome and we must be patient and wise.

While many churches across the country are “opening up”, I do not believe that this week is not the week to “open up the churches” here in Minneapolis. Some are afraid of our religious liberties being stripped away. However studies are showing that church gatherings with singing are especially risky in terms of transmission. (see link below)

We will have our regular online service this Sunday (with our limited team) and I welcome anyone to join us Elim Church at 10:30am online as we will talk about “what hope looks like in a time of COVID-19.” Please pray for the Elim leadership team as we meet on Tuesday to discuss our future plans.

Please continue to be safe, be smart and above all practice the presence of God wherever you go. Below are some links for more reading or watching.

~Paul Stephen


short clip from Dr. Birx long press conference yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPwlFI9VOUA

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