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The Posture of Humility

In Sunday Connections last month I wanted to impress the students with how many living animals I had seen in my life. Because I am older than they, I figured I had seen more animals than they had. I listed all the animals I had seen on a sheet of poster paper. My list ended at 35 living animals I had seen. I was pretty proud of the list of animals I had seen. When I asked each student to name 3 different animals they had seen, collectively they came up with a list of 42 different animals. One had seen a black mamba; another had seen a cava (isn’t that a pastry?). I was humbled by all the animals they had seen that I had never seen!

All of us have been given gifts, even if our gift is the number of animals we have seen. We dare not let our gifts puff us up because there is always someone more gifted. We can practice the grace of humility.

I was recently talking with one of the students about basketball. I mentioned the giftedness I had seen in him. He talked about a particular game in which he outran the defense to score 30 points but added quickly that he is not the best ball handler and needs to work on this.

His older brother overheard the conversation and in a brotherly way said: “you’re not bragging or anything?” (these two young men are gifted athletes but also gifted with humility!) We have been watching a video series called Prayer by Frances Chan. In one of the episodes Mr. Chan talked about our posture as we pray. Humility is a posture he encouraged us to take as we pray. We do this with our friends, don’t we? Andy shared about a friend who texted that he wanted prayer for a serious family issue. Though his friend did not mention the issue itself, Andy spent much of Saturday lifting up this concern to the throne of Jesus. The next day was Sunday. As Andy entered Sunday Connections he received a text from that same friend thanking Andy for his prayers. The text stated that restoration had already begun! God wants to answer our prayers! But before he can answer we have to ask. Sometimes it takes humility to bring our concerns to Jesus and to our friends who long to intercede.

During this month reflect on humility of Jesus and be postured in the same way.

Rick Dischinger, Interim Director of Youth Ministry

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