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Temporary Relief Shelter Announcement

Dear neighbors and greater Northeast community,

Guided by core values of hospitality, compassion and love for all people, Elim Church and Strong Tower Parish have been in communication about how to better serve women and men facing homelessness. Elim has operated a volunteer led cold-weather shelter for men, as we are able, over the past 8 years and operates Hope Avenue, a weekly drop-in program. Strong Tower Parish operates a food shelf weekly. Together, we have 1400 congregants. In partnership with Tasks Unlimited, a 50 year old non-profit and a long-time advocate for people experiencing homelessness and Monica Nilsson, we have pursued temporary funding to take in women and men who are without a place to sleep at night for the next 3 months at each of our churches. Elim will accommodate women; Strong Tower will take in couples and men. People will be able to keep their bed while working with professional staff so there will be consistency and stability in the community.

We are providing this temporary relief with support from the Richard Schulze Foundation (the founder of Best Buy). We will discern during this time if there is a continued need and the support of our congregations, the community and funders or we will close. We are contacting you to keep you informed and invite you to share in this experience of serving those in need: whether by dropping off towels or twin size bedding in good condition, volunteering your time or serving a meal. Helpful links will be coming shortly on our church websites for your review. You are also welcome to visit the program once it is running in mid-February. It will operate nightly from early evening to early morning. This program will work in complement with existing day programs and guests will be provided a bus token in the morning to make their way.

As Proverbs 21:13 tells us, “Don’t close your ears to the cry of the poor.” We stand ready to do what we can and invite your engagement.




Paul Stephen Olson, Lead Pastor Elim Church, 685 13th Avenue NE Office: 612.789.3591

Becky Hanson, Pastor of Congregational Care and Hope Avenue Elim Church, Office: 612.789.3591

Pastor Emmanuel Olowokere, Senior Pastor The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Strong Tower Parish, 697 13th Ave NE

Deacon Niyi Adekunle, Strong Tower Parish, 612.396.7755

Monica Nilsson, Program Director, 612.239.4789,


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