Elim Church

Summer Splash 2019!

Everyone (0-99) is invited to join us for Summer Splash on August 12-16!





Monday, Aug 12 – Thursday, Aug 15 at 5:15pm

Come to Elim Church at 5:15 for a free dinner, followed by an energy-filled worship time.  After worship, there is programming for both kids and adults.  The evening typically wraps up around 8:15. Please sign up in-person at Elim so we can plan for you!

Elim Church – 685 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55413

Friday Night, Aug 16 – Picnic and Water Park at 5:00pm.

On Friday, August 16 will be meeting at Jim Lupient Water Park. All registered Summer Splash children and adults are invited to join us for the Friday Night Picnic and Water Park outing.  Remember that we are starting at 5pm!

Cost: Free with registration to Summer Splash 2019!

Water Park

There is a parking lot at the Water Park, and street parking is available on 16th Ave NE (north side of the park).

Music (2019 – Roar!)

Youtube Playlist for 2019 ROAR! Click HERE

Here are a few more ways that you can continue to enjoy the Roar music after Summer Splash is finished.

Buy a CD or DVD from Amazon

Buy a CD or DVD from Group Publishing

Operation Kid-to-Kid

Each night, kids and adults will have an opportunity to donate to Operation Kid-to-Kid.  The project this year is “Giving Mothers and Babies in Zambia a Healthy Start.”

Did you know the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are crucially formative to their future?  Malnutrition during the first 2 years can lead to irreversible issues that limit babies from reaching their full potential in life.

We are excited to partner with World Vision to help moms and babies get the best beginnings they can. Each $10 donation through Operation Kid-to-Kid provides supplemental nutrition and education to a mom and child for 2 years.

You can learn more about this partnership with World Vision on this page:

World Vision has a well-established presence in Zambia that is working to improve the quality of life for many people.  You can find out about a number of other World Vision initiatives in Zambia on this page:

Further Information

Deb Somody has worked tirelessly along with dozens of volunteers to put Summer Splash together.  Please feel free to contact Deb with any questions, thoughts, or notes of appreciation!


Previous Summer Splash Music

2018 – Shipwrecked

If you are looking for the music from Summer Splash 2018, you can purchase and download a digital version at one of the sites below.  Note that the digital version only includes 6 of the 10 Shipwrecked songs.

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