Revolution Part 9: Rumor Has It…

November 4, 2018




Sermon Text: John 3:1-8

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Song Copyright Information

He Will Give the Weary Strength
Written by Ellie Holcomb
© 2013 Full Heart Music
CCLI License #179253

Sky and Sea
Written by Lorraine Morrison
© 1999 Shaggyjo Music
CCLI License #179253

Open Up the Heavens
Andi Rozier | James McDonald | Jason Ingram | Meredith Andrews | Stuart Garrard
© 2012 All Essential Music | HBC Worship Music | Open Hands Music | So Essential Tunes | Stugio Music Publishing | Word Music, LLC
CCLI License #179253

Good to Me
Audrey Assad
© 2013 Fortunate Fall Music
CCLI License #179253

I Will Dwell
Music by Van Morrison, Lyrics by Roger Dahl
From The Elim Project, Vol 2

Words and Music by Chris Rice
© 1994 Clumsy Fly Music
CCLI License #179253