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Recent News

Quarterly Meeting Moved to Feb 3

We will gather after service on Sunday Feb 3rd (in lieu of the regularly scheduled Jan 27th meeting) for a very short financial report then a discussion on Elim Values statement lead by Pastor Paul. Hope to see you there, all are welcome.

Why do we open Emergency Shelters?

Coming into the new year there were two overnights where Elim opened its doors to those experiencing homelessness to serve as a warming house and a place of refuge from the frigid temps. We served a hot meal, showers, seasonal clothing, a warm and safe sleeping environment, friendship… and the ...

Connection and Community

December 15th was a unique Elim day for me. I spent the morning at a brunch with most of Elim’s staff at the Olson home due to the invitation of the organizer, Pastor Rebecca Hanson. That evening, Suzanne and were with the Merrymakers at the home of Ed and Joyce ...

The Posture of Humility

In Sunday Connections last month I wanted to impress the students with how many living animals I had seen in my life. Because I am older than they, I figured I had seen more animals than they had. I listed all the animals I had seen on a sheet of ...

Spiritual Formation

In Galatians 4:19, the Apostle Paul used a phrase that has fascinated me ever since I first read it. He says: “…my little children, for whom I am again in the anguish of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.” Spiritual Formation is a relatively new concept in the American Church. I’ve ...

Hope Homes LLC

Introducing Sober and Christ-Centered Housing: Hope Homes LLC. A new team has developed at Elim with the purpose of seeking God's leading in opening a shelter and providing housing for those experiencing homelessness. THE HOPE AVENUE SHELTER AND HOUSING BOARD We have met for several months to pray and begin the foundational steps ...


Always interested in improving my vocabulary, I discovered a new word, tarradiddle. Tarradiddle has been around a long time but is seriously underused to describe our world today. Tarradiddle is a noun meaning: pretentious nonsense or outrageous lies We are living in times of terrible tarradiddle. From our president’s tweets, to ...

12 Words In 2018: “Witness”

The National Registry of Exonerations (NRE) reported that 139  exonerations occurred in the United states in 2017. The average exoneree spent more than 10 years in jail, due to eyewitness    misidentification, official misconduct, false confession, or perjury.  In 66 of the cases, no crime was committed whatsoever. Read more about ...

It’s A Brand New Office!!!

A big "thank you" to Jan and Don Heide, who gave the church office is new look!  Don and Jan stripped wallpaper, patched and painted walls, laid carpet, and more. We are so grateful for the many ways their fingerprints are on the church!  Check out the photos below for ...

12 Words In 2018: “Grace”

The Anchor Bible Dictionary defines grace as “the favor of God to human beings” or “unmerited divine favor.” Understanding the idea of grace in the Old Testament requires a slew of Hebrew words and concepts—namely, God’s mercy, favor, love, pleasure, covenant, approval, and blessing. Consequently, people often think that because ...
Sunday Morning

9:00am – Connection Classes (all ages)
10:00am – Coffee / Gathering (Dining)
10:30am – Worship (Sanctuary)

7:15-9:45am – Hope Avenue (1st level)
a ministry to those experiencing homelessness

Our Sunday service lasts about 60 minutes and features a blend of contemporary and traditional songs (with projected lyrics), announcements, prayers, as well as a 25-30 minute biblical message from one of our pastors.