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Homelessness and Envision Update 11.11.19

The response of Elim church to the growing homelessness issue is two fold.

  • Hope Avenue is a ministry at Elim Church that seeks to meet the immediate needs of those experiencing homelessness in our community. Sunday mornings meet from 7:15-10am, and a drop-in center is run by Tasks Unlimited on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Visit http://elimchurch.com/hope-avenue for more information.
  • The Elim Shelter and Housing Board meets weekly to oversee best practices, form and foster meaningful partnerships, and seek new solutions that get at the root causes of homelessness and housing insecurity.


One of the partnerships that the shelter board has formed is with Envision Community. Envision Community has a new website that explains what the project is all about (see below)! Envision community uses a ‘community first’ approach and grassroots development model.  Utilizing state-of-the-art tiny home construction, Envision provides a low barrier, extremely low-cost, housing solution.

From Bill Walsh and the Envision Community team:

We are in the home stretch: 2 more meetings until zoning change to make Envision legal in Minneapolis!!!

Those meetings are in the next 2 weeks:
  • [APPROVED!!!] This Thursday 11/14/19: Zoning and Planning Committee, City Hall, Rm 317, 10:00am–???
  • Friday 11/22/19: City Council (the final vote!!!), City Hall, Rm 317, 9:30am-???
The agenda is not set for these meetings so we do not know when our zoning change will be discussed or voted on. I will keep you updated as I learn more.

After the zoning changes are voted on and approved (LORD willing), a 12x30ft demonstration tiny home unit will come to Elim’s parking lot and be a place for the Envision community to give tours and share the vision get feedback from people experiencing homelessness the broader community of volunteers, activists, supporters, neighbors, potential donors, and city/county officials. Please pray that God’s favor would be upon this project and all those involved!  To learn more about Envision Community go to their website at https://www.hennepinhealthcare.org/envision-community/

Partners of Envision Community include

Thanks to Larry Kutzler and the Logan Park Neighborhood Association podcast for their recent interview about homelessness in our neighborhood with Pastor Becky Hanson.

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