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Envision Community Update! 6/12

Update 6/ 12 / 19

The Envision Community unit is built, it just needs somewhere to land, and we are waiting now on the city to give the provisional permit. It’s not all bad news however. Last night MICAH, the Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing gave an award to Envision Community for their innovative and grassroots approach to affordable housing! Elim Church and Hope Avenue were also awarded with “Community Hero” awards. The plan to move the unit to Elim has been slowed down once again by some red tape. However, we are hopeful and we look forward to seeing what God will do in the process of approving the show unit to be displayed in Elim’s parking lot. The city of Minneapolis has decided that we need a variance to have the unit there, even though it will not be inhabited and is just a demo unit. What does this mean? The legal parameters will need to be met before we can legally have the unit displayed. Envision Community continues to gain support from county and city officials as well as those who are in the healthcare system. For too many years homelessness has been on the rise, we all know there’s a big problem in our city. Lets pray that God continue to work through the team at Street Voices, Envision, Tasks Unlimited and Hope Avenue to see this dream of community first, low cost, high quality, low barrier housing come to be a reality!

~ Pastor Paul Stephen Olson



Update 5 / 26/ 19

Team, it is a great pleasure to send this invitation!!! Envision is moving forward again and planning on finally building the prototype unit!

What has happened? As you may have heard, all the County Commissioners were briefed about Envision and none were opposed to us displaying the prototype unit on Elim land. This is what we needed to move forward. We also transported the materials up to Hinckley for storage and we are going to build the unit there, then move it back down to Elim. Finally, Jacob has submitted the permit application to display the unit at Elim and we are waiting to hear back from the city.

What are we going to do next? We need your help building the unit next Saturday, June 1st in Hinckley Minnesota.

Date: Saturday, 6/1/19

Start time: 8:00am

How long is the drive: about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

What are we doing during the day? We will be assembling the floor, walls, and roof. We will lay out the material to seal the roof. We may install windows and doors. A few will begin the process of darkening the outside wood (cladding).

How long will it last? We are going to keep building until the unit is assembled. It will take most of the day.

After that initial build, Jacob and some others will finish off the unit and our goal is to move it to Elim by June 19 or 20. (postponed til a later date)
If anyone can help with driving people from our Street Voices team up to Hinckley, please let me know. The number of drivers will determine how many people from Street Voices can join us.
We do need an accurate count of how many people can attend to make sure we have enough people to get the job done, so please reply to this invitation letting me know if you can help us on Saturday 6/1/19 and whether you can drive others.We can then arrange a pick up time and place for anyone going in your car.
Let me know if you have questions.


William E. Walsh, MD

Deputy Chief Innovation Officer,
Upstream Health Innovations

Contact or if you have more questions.


Past Updates …

4/25/19 Envision Community (Tiny House Build and Assemble at Elim Church) The new interim CEO of Hennepin Health has asked for a reaffirmation of support from Hennepin County Commissioners before the Envision Community proceeds. Please pray for Dr. Bill Walsh, the Street Voices team (including Junail Anderson) your pastors (Becky and Paul) and Elim’s shelter and housing board (Sue Watlov Philips, Malik McDowell, Heather Carlson) as they meet with county commissioners including Elim’s District 2 commissioner Irene Fernando. What a great opportunity to lend support and share the vision!

From Dr. Bill Walsh, Envision Community, Upstream Health Innovations:
Dear teammates and volunteers, we are postponing the move and assembly for now because we have run into a problem permitting the unit despite the very best efforts of our partners at Elim Church, the University of Minnesota, Alchemy, and the city. Thank you to each of those groups for their hard work! And thank you for your patience now that we have had to postpone twice. We are cancelling the build for now and will let you know when we are permitted and able to reschedule. Thanks again!  ~ Bill Walsh



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