8:49 AM Jun 18, 2021·Twitter for iPhone \ @PStephenO

We met online everyday for prayer for an entire year once the pandemic began. And since this April we meet (online or in person) every day Sun-Fri. It has had a great impact on us and in our church exactly as Beth Moore describes here. Powerful stuff.

I wrote this tweet above at 8:49am in response to a tweet thread by Beth Moore:

8:07 AM · Jun 18, 2021·Twitter for iPhone \ @BethMooreLPM
“I’m thinking what might happen globally if a group of us really began to fervently pray. What might happen corporately in churches. What might happen under our own roofs. I believe all of this upheaval has fallow ground overturned & ready for seed. I think God’s up to something.

The kind of prayer I’m talking about might not only be a catalyst for a great move of God. It would also heal us of so much misery our selfishness, infighting, pettiness, nearsightedness, carnality & banner-waving of personal rights have caused us. Even the very basic practice of…

praying for a different nation every day & people who are ill or in grief help break me out of my small world.  I think we’re primed by the miseries of our selfishness for a mighty move of God. But it will not happen apart from prayer. Bold prayer out of bold faith & love.
We don’t realize how our individualism and all our little individualistic factions are distracting us from the way of Jesus and draining us of Holy Spirit power. OK, I’ll shut up here. But I have a fire burning in my soul. We could be part of something so much bigger than us.”
Beth Replied:
You can join us for daily prayers at noon each day M-F.
Please join us online by clicking on the meeting URL to join in: https://meet.google.com/ast-cxmh-ykk
You can join us by calling in on your telephone, 401-684-3085 — and enter the pin 724 649 481#