The leadership teams of both congregations have begun meeting together to ask:

  • Can we envision a future where the churches can serve the Kingdom of God better together than apart?
  • Can we make a greater impact in Northeast and beyond by loving our community together in the name of Jesus?
  • Will Elim community members, and their passion, resources, and gifts empower Mill City Church if Elim were to join in Mill City’s mission? 
  • Could the energy and vision of Mill City’s community encourage the Elim congregation if they joined in the Holy Spirit-led momentum?

The intention of the “adoption merger” is for Elim Church to gift its building to Mill City, changing its name and joining the mission and membership of Mill City Church (who worships 6 blocks away at Sheridan Elementary School (now called Las Estrellas). The newly formed joined entity would worship at the current Elim building located at 685 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, 55413

If you want to know more about this adoption merger, please read this letter that shares about this important update for our community:
Better Together Letter

Further questions?
Read the Q&A Document

“leaders should never ask the participating congregations to commit to a merger. They should ask faithful Christians to commit to a large, bolder, biblical vision. The merger is only one step in a multiyear plan to expand God’s mission through the creation of a new organizational entity.”

— Tom Bandy, …Guidebook for Missional Change

Recent Updates

October 5th – Elim and MCC leadership teams have determined and unanimously confirmed that a merger is feasible and we will move forward into a time of spiritual discernment and the determination of whether or not to bring a vote to both congregations. We have planned further opportunities for leaders and people from each church to get to know one another and to further discern if a vote should be offered to each congregation. Read more here.

September 6th – leadership teams from Elim and Mill City churches met to discuss the possibility of an adoption merger. Both teams agreed to study various areas of ministry and programming within the church. The key question being: is a merger ‘feasible’ between the two churches?


Better Together Events (Coming Soon!)

Wednesday, Oct 12th – Wed Night Live – Get to Know Mill City with Pastor Steph, Leland Eliason and others! A meal is served at 6pm ($5 suggested donation for individuals, $10 for families)

Sunday, Oct 16th – Pastor Steph preaches at Elim 10am

(each church has prayer and town hall meetings for Q and A on feasibility reports)

Sunday, Oct 16th – Mill City worship service at Elim at 6:30pm

Sunday, Oct 23rd – Mill City and Elim Church Potluck – 11:30am at Elim

Sunday, Nov 6th – Elim joins Mill City at Las Estrellas 10am for worship & connecting time after the service

Wednesday, Nov 9th – Wednesday Night Live at Elim (TBD)

Wednesday, Nov 16th – Leadership Teams Discernment Meeting