Elim Church


Misfits 3

At Elim we are committed to growing in faith, connecting in community and serving our neighbors.

Small Groups

Elim Retreats

Sunday Connection Classes – connect with others and with God starting at 9am on Sundays.

  • The Misfits – This class, which meets in the Lounge, is open to all adults with a wide range of ages, including college students. We use feature-length films as a springboard to discussions of spiritual issues. Each week we spend time in Bible study and then watch another segment of our current film. The class is led by Kyle Marsh and Brian Turnquist. (Lounge, 2nd Floor)
  • Life Builders – Focuses on family and relationship dynamics, centered around a particular book or study from the Bible. Lead by Roger Dahl. (402)
  • Theology & Scripture – Led by Pastor Paul, this group has covered a variety of topics. Currently the group is co-taught with Heather Carlson, studying the Gospel of Matthew from the perspective of famous “Least of These” passage in chapter 25. Meets on the 4th floor. (401)
  • Young Adults – Matt Smith leads a college and career focused group for ages 18-30 on the 4th floor. (405)
  • The MerryMakers/Seniors – This combined class is taught by Pastor Chuck Fleming, and is open to all adults.  The class is currently in a study of Nehemiah.  Once this segment concludes, the class will begin a study of Christ in The Old Testament. (403)
  • Alpha Course – For new Christians and inquisitive seekers, this course originated in the UK, and teaches the basics of the Christian faith. Taught by Dave Gislason in the Hope Avenue education room. (106)
  • Bondage Breakers – After worship at 12 noon, Pastor Becky is leading a dynamic set of discussions around freedom in Christ from the bondage of addiction, apathy and poor life choices. (106)

Weekday/Weeknight Groups

  • Wednesday Night Live – Pastor Randy Somody leads adult study groups. We have done service projects, studied the Bible, learned about India, and even held focus groups for new projects at Elim.
  • Young Adults – Young adults are involved in Music ministry, retreats, Hope Avenue homeless ministry and during the week in the clothing closets or for the food distribution program.
  • Women’s Bible Study – This study, taught by Pastor Becky, and happens on Tuesdays at 10am in the 2nd floor lounge. Currently the group is reading through the Bible in 6 months.
  • Friday Morning Men’s Group – The routine for the Friday Morning Men’s Group (which meets at 6:30 am on Fridays, in the Dining Room or Library, is to hear from one another and then move to prayer, using the Fellowship & Care prayer list to guide our prayer. We then move into a conversation about the book we are currently reading. It is a “come as you can” group, as many members of the group travel some. We would still love to have you, even if you can’t make it every week. If interested, talk to Don Heide (or email him) to get a current schedule.
  • GriefShare – GriefShare is a thirteen session, Christ-centered, support group for those journeying through one of life’s most difficult experiences—grieving the loss of a loved one. GriefShare meets weekly on Wednesdays during the Fall, and will be led by Dennis and Jill Jezierski. Group members will gain access to valuable GriefShare resources to help them deal with loss and look forward to rebuilding life.  GriefShare uses video seminars, group discussion and personal study and reflection to help those who are suffering and in pain.
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study – Sue Watlov Phillips leads this Wednesday night Bible study, by discussing two books. The first book, Re-Covering In God: 40 Days Wrestling With God, is a devotional designed as a guide to knowing how to be in God’s will instead of our self-will. It helps to turn our focus from past failures to recovery in God for any ‘isms’ in our lives: materialism, cynicism, workaholism, perfectionism, alcoholism, etc. The second book, Jesus Calling, is a devotional filled with uniquely inspired treasures from heaven for every day of the year. The class is scheduled from 6:30-8:00 pm in the Prayer Room, but also regularly meets in the main entry or, if the weather is nice outside.
  • Elim Book Club – The Elim Book Club meets every other month (September, November, January, March, May and July) on the third Monday in the Lounge, at 7:00 pm.  Some books being read this year are Take Me With You, by Kathryn Ryan Hyde (November), When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi (January), and Emma, by Jane Austen (January).  Please note that July’s meeting will be hosted by Mary and Shirley Barnes.