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Adopt-A-Tile Update – 53% RAISED!


Tiles raised so far (5/6/19): 1865 Tiles! ($9325)
53.4% of the way there!

Total amount of Tiles needed = 3455 tiles! (covers 45x75ft)
Total Cost: $17,277


It’s time to make some improvements to the safety and overall usability of our gym at Elim Church. With the generous support of SportCourt MN, we are launching the Adopt-A-Tile fundraiser! SportCourt will supply the installation expertise and labor as well as the drawing of the gym floor lines and we will pay for the tiles (at cost to the distributor!) What a great thing! Click the link below to donate through Facebook at a 0% fee.


Wait, Elim has a gymnasium? Many people don’t even know its there but for more than 5 decades, Elim’s 3rd floor gymnasium has been a place of community and fellowship. We use the space for outreach in the neighborhood: preschool, youth ministry, mens basketball, sports outreach and emergency homeless shelters in the winter. It was once used as the main worship space while the sanctuary was being refurbished.

What can I do? Adopt a single tile! Or Adopt a whole section!


  • 12x16ft = 192 tiles (a basketball lane)
  • 14x3ft = 42 tiles (coaches box)
  • 36 x 3.14159 = 113.1 tiles (center jump ball circle)
  • 44x20ft = 880 tiles (pickle ball court)
  • 4x6ft= 24 tiles (floor hockey net dimensions)

Names of tile parents (donors big and small) will be displayed on a sign in the gym. Thank you!
Money raised over and above the TILE amount will be used to provide padding on walls, new energy saving LED light bulbs, and updated basketball goals.

To give to the Adopt-A-Tile fundraiser, send checks to Elim church with “Adopt-A-Tile” Gym Fundraiser to designate your gift. All gifts are tax deductible.
685 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55413
Online giving : Facebook

We will be voting on color scheme options. Picture below is a mock-up (colors are not final!)










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